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Our Mission

We aim to provide affordable hire of mobility scooters and other equipment on a short term basis to disabled people in immediate need.

About us

We are a registered charity run by a small group of volunteers, whose role is to support the disabled community by means of helping them to overcome mobility problems.

Experience has shown that the use of mobility scooters can give a disabled person a sense of independence and help them integrate into the local community.

Scooters are loaned out on a 3 monthly basis, delivered, collected and fully maintained by us.

We make an operational and safety assessment for each hiring to help ensure the health and safety of the client, who signs a legally binding loan document. Hirers are asked to take out insurance for our own and their protection.

Winner of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services in 2004


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Funding for purchase of our vehicle by generosity of:  SIGNPOST TENANTS FORUM AMENITIES FUND 2003

*Any hire is subject to conditions – other professional health care agencies may be involved in the assessment process

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Ken Gibson at Wembley and holding the FA Cup.

A MEMBER of the Disability Action Group (North Dorset) this year had the chance to enjoy the trip of a lifetime to Wembley.

A keen footballer, Ken Gibson, who now suffers from MS and has to use a mobility scooter, was treated to the trip as a birthday present, and it was made possible partly through the services of the charity based in Tabernacle Walk, Blandford, which was able to let him have a wheelchair which he could take with him to get around the stadium.

A highlight of his visit was to hold the FA Cup!

The charity, which opened its showroom and workshop in Nightingale Court in September last year, is appealing for donations of mobility scooters which it can hire out at low cost to the disabled.

Chairman Colin Young said: “We have become a victim of our own success, and are beginning to run out of vehicles, particularly the four wheeled road going scooters, which we can hire out to those seeking our help.”

Anyone with a scooter to donate can contact DAG on 01258 268309.

To donate at LocalGiving - click on the logo above

We also sell donated mobility aids and scooters.

Contact us:

Tel: 01258 268309

Mob: 07791 232 461

Email dt11dag@gmail.com

Website www.dt11dag.co.uk